Supermarket satisfaction surveys

How do you achieve a happy shopping relationship with the customers of your supermarket? Maybe what you need is the support of satisfaction surveys to get to know your customer.

How do you achieve a happy shopping relationship with the customers of your supermarket? Maybe what you need is the support of satisfaction surveys to get to know your customer.

Products on offer and low prices are the greatest attraction to perceive a large number of customers, but the key to establishing a positive buying relationship and ensuring their loyalty is to show that you listen to their opinions.

Supermarket satisfaction surveys help you establish where you need to improve. That is, since these spaces are so vast and, regularly, their sections are served by different people, it is important that, as an owner or manager, you know what happens in each area.

Advantages of conducting a satisfaction survey in your supermarket

Prices are not the only reason a person makes a supermarket his favorite. There are other factors such as the quality of the products you sell, the attention of the staff, the safety and the speed of the boxes. Everything is important and everything is perceived by your clientele.

Carrying out a satisfaction survey of those who visit your establishment allows you to obtain relevant data about their experience. That way, you'll also know how and how quickly to attend each of the sections of your survey.

A survey is comparable to a tool, it will help your business thrive, but remember, you should also listen to their opinion and act accordingly.

One of the biggest advantages of satisfaction surveys is to intimidate in a non-invasive or tedious way with those who come to your market. It's as simple as presenting you with a device or space where you can express your opinion and know that it is heard (or read).

Also, there may always be some who do not stop to answer questions, either because of lack of time or simply questions of taste. However, all the time there will be happy customers, you will get positive and revealing results about your establishment.

Surveys at the forefront

When you create a satisfaction survey and determine that it is right to offer your customers, you should ensure that it has an attractive presentation that invites them to fill out.

You should be aware that if you deliver a printed paper, it is quite possible that customers will not fill it out. The customer is dealing with other issues such as paying or making sure that all items are being included in the list.

It is best to be a part of the avant-garde and offer a survey with a practical and modern presentation that will appeal to every customer. It is about elegance and colors that invite the buyer to fill out the survey during the break while the account is processed or their items are bagged.

Supermarket tablet surveys show the user how their opinion adds to that of others in real time and how this is valid for business improvement.

Make sure your survey ask specific questions so that the buyer can answer them by simply pointing their finger at an option. It is not desirable for you to propose development questions, otherwise the customer will reject it for boring or slow.

Try to ask questions about your experience with which you can answer something as simple as “Yes” or “No.” That way, you'll collaborate with the survey as you'll see it with a simple and fast process.

Applications for satisfaction surveys

But how to prepare an intuitive and practical interface that your customer is attracted to? That's why there are the Survey Apps, designed to make the filling of questions easier and faster.

The main thing is to choose a platform that offers you quality, dynamic interaction and intuition. You should be aware that the customer will always be inclined to a fun and, above all, not invasive survey.

Google Forms is the order of the day when it comes to simplicity and precision. This app allows you to create your activities and surveys in a fully organized way, just as they allow you to add images and give your own style.

Also, Net Promoter Score is a platform that goes directly to the question “Would you recommend the place?”. That way, the opinions are as direct as possible and it is a simple question that is asked to the customer when they leave the business.

On the other hand, Typeform is an unconventional tool that gives your surveys a unique and attractive style. That way, as the user answers each question, he can enjoy a dynamic and different activity.

Typeform has a chat style format that generates a rather pleasant interaction, as it feels heard and supported by others.

Thanks to survey applications, today an establishment belonging to any niche can know what their business means to others and how to improve in search of prosperity.

With smart devices, such as tablets, you can forget about the fact that the customer took the paper with the solved survey or rejected you because of their hands too full.

When is it appropriate to conduct a satisfaction survey?

Your customer's opinion is important to your business's prosperity — of course, without abruptly or awkward hoarding their time.

You need to be clear, to begin with, which questions you want to ask your users. About the style of the premises, attention, promotions and more. You need to know when to survey people so they can give you the best in their answers and find out exactly what your business needs to improve.

When, then, to apply the survey? The right time is when you are retiring from the supermarket, just when you finish your shopping. Exactly at that point, the buyer is fully focused on what you offer and, better yet, their experience is as recent as their memories.

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