Store/Retail Satisfaction Surveys

Once your business begins, you need to know the functionality, benefits or difficulties it presents and what your clientele perceives from it.

So that you finally get the triumph you've dreamed of for your business within the community where the tablet surveys are located. These are available for any type of store and from them you can provide the ease of responding to all customers their opinion about the site they visit.

Accessing a Survey App saves the customer time and effort. On the other hand, interaction with the customer, which is so important, becomes more enjoyable and effective.

The importance of a store satisfaction survey

Listening to and reading reviews for no one is easy, yet it is important to stay humble and admit if there is something wrong with your business.

Knowing the needs of your customers is a task of years, not counting the money you need to invest in material and human resources. The simple solution to all this is nothing more than a store satisfaction survey.

Many people go in and out of a trade, but are they all satisfied? It is extremely important that you know this, and if not, you better know why.

Store satisfaction surveys allow you to improve the quality of your business service. You show the customer that you are interested in their needs and, accordingly, you will be happy to see good results after so much effort.

This valuable tool that you can carry out through your computer, mobile, tablet or other device of your choice is, without a doubt, the best way to know the opinion of your customers.

Valuable consumer feedback

In a fun way and with the right resources, customers in your store can praise or criticize what your trade gives them. So much so that you could see what you missed up to now and improve radically.

Through surveys on tablets for stores, your customers tell you what they think while interacting with the business. Pleasantly answer questions that have to do with good care, reliability, attraction, waiting time, advice, among other aspects.

Every respondent's response has a great value for the store's prosperity; always considering that you want to know about your business in terms of quality, design or attention.

How to address your customers?

With our Store Satisfaction Surveys App you can find different types of questions. Closed ones, which is when people choose within different options; and open ones, where the respondent expresses what they want, whether writing or speaking.

Commonly, the questions the respondent encounters are closed. On the one hand, it is made more comfortable for those who from their device only choose one option without having to think much, and on the other hand, the pollster is made it easier to analyze the results.

The answers with “caritas” are part of the closed answers, the really important thing is that the customer does not get confused and clearly understand each question.

EasyCSAT is your platform to carry out these surveys

The main thing to speed up the process of responding to a survey doesn't depend only on the device you choose.

The survey app for stores and all retailers that relate to retailers are part of the key to getting good results. With them, you can get valuable information about what customers think of your store.

It's easy and fun to tap on a tablet, instead of turning pages or digitizing paper to give or get answers or conclusions, and for that there is our platform that offers quality, simplicity and real interaction.

Each of the options you can implement with EasyCSAT allows you to see in a colorful and graphic way how the answers have turned out. This is something that allows you to enjoy your purchases while giving significant time to your business.

The best time to apply a survey

Customer feedback has always been the key to the success of any company.

Growth in manufacturing, chain stores and distribution has increased competitiveness. Therefore, more than ever, it is necessary to be clear what you need to improve in your business to make it a winner.

It is essential to know the opinion of your customers about the deal they get from your business. So the time to get to know your tastes, dreams and needs in depth has come. So a survey is timely.

It is clear that in an era of digitalization it is not the same to answer a survey on paper as on a tablet.

One way to make it easy for customers is to place one of these tablets in the boxes: while the customer is waiting for the bill to pay, they could be responding to the survey.

He wouldn't waste time between corridors, he wouldn't be harassed, he'd just respond while he waits, and he might even be entertaining.

Thanks to our App of surveys on tablets for stores and the retail sector it has been possible to recognize failures among employees, as well as the quality of products that are purchased and brought to homes for consumption.

This system revolutionizes and innovates, in some way, the advertising of the establishment from the point of sale, which could not be a better idea for the total success of a business.

easyCSAT is everything you need to know the satisfaction of your customers

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