Satisfaction Surveys for Spas and Beauty Centers

Satisfaction surveys for a spa or beauty center are extremely important to know how to improve, as remember that the customer puts their health and beauty in the hands of your staff.

Thanks to the opinion of each responder to your survey, you will know where you are right and where you are wrong with the services you offer. Yes, it is true that with the help of social networks a user can give his opinion, but there may be too much traffic for him to know that he is heard.

Satisfaction surveys allow you to have closer interaction with the customer, so that their feedback is integrated with others. That way, he will feel that he supports the improvements of the establishment so that his needs will be met.

How do you know what your customers liked?

When it comes to knowing your clientele's tastes and how to be better for them every day, thinking about a satisfaction survey is the best thing to do. However, first you should choose very well the questions you will ask and think about how you will motivate your customers to fill it out.

Here's how you can create the perfect survey to learn how to bring your spa or beauty center to prosperity:

Think about what you want to ask

Basically, you need to ask questions focused on the management of the spa, about the reception and staff. Once you decide what to ask about this, you can ask more generic questions like “Would you visit the spa again?” , “How do you think I could improve attention?” and how many more you want.

Organize your questions well

Ideally, it is a short survey, so the respondent will always be willing to fill it out. Ten questions are fine, no more than that because people usually don't have enough time.

Encourage your customers to complete the survey

Surveys are an important tool in evaluating your business, but before anything else, you need to have your customer fill out the survey. The best time to apply a survey is while the customer has already received the full services and is about to leave the property.

Tell him that he is completely anonymous and show him that his opinion is important for the improvement of the premises. Thus, for upcoming visits or other customers, there will always be excellent service and service, to their liking.

If the customer is in a hurry, you can offer to send the survey to their email. The latter option is almost infallible, in fact, all the time they will answer you yes, because at home they will have much more time.

Always innovate in your surveys

Tablets surveys for spas or beauty centers are a pretty stylish alternative that you can have. You will certainly surprise your clientele and hardly say no.

For them it will be quite dynamic, because with the touch of a button they will see how their opinions about the establishment add to those of others and coincide. Thus, you will see that your time and opinion are important for the prosperity of the SPA.

Which service can you use?

It is important to have a good platform when conducting your surveys. An interface that is not intuitive and complicated, will scare the respondent right away, even if you ask them the questions on the most elegant tablet.

There are many survey apps that you can use, and they're extremely simple. For example, you can use SurveyMonkey to plan your questions, sort them, and choose a topic.

That way, the person will only have to press with his finger the option that suits him best. Preferably these options are “Yes” or “No”. Moreover, Google Forms is another good option. It is extremely helpful and not complicated.

What is your biggest advantage? With Google Forms, you can stay in sync with other Google apps, so you can check multiple aspects of your business.

What do you gain from investing in a survey?

Some underestimate the power of surveys to advance their business. However, investing in a satisfaction survey for your spa or beauty center has multiple advantages that we will name below:

You will know the opinion of your customers

Overcoming the failures of your spa service will depend on your customers' perception of it, so their opinion is paramount. You should know how to handle complaints and improve the aspects that cause disgust.

Also, you should know how they got to your business, who recommended them, and if so, what kind of service they liked the most or what else they would be interested in getting there.

Improvement in communication

Once you know what your customers like or not, your staff will know exactly how to deal with it. A customer who feels heard and understood will certainly be loyal to your services.

Based on the results that the surveys allow you to resolve in time any opposition regarding the care they receive.

Preventing risks

When you decide to conduct a survey in your spa or beauty salon, you will be able to collect enough information to attack any failure in business behavior in time. The results will help you to:

  • Structure a database.
  • Implement strategies and increase your profits.
  • Identify points of failure.
  • Get to know your customers thoroughly.

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