Customer opinion of the restaurant

It is very difficult to get feedback from customers, you can't ask each of them if they liked their visit, food or attention and this information is essential to start improving those aspects that you may not have discovered yet and begin to improve them.

Have you ever wondered if your customers think that? :

Some waiter isn't giving proper attention?

Don't they like your main course?

Do the dishes take a long time to go out?

The condition of the bathrooms is not right?

Would they recommend a friend?

You can not ask this to each customer personally, if you give a paper survey to 100 people, only 5 will answer and usually will do it to complain.

That's already in return! with EasyCSAT you can do customer satisfaction surveys in your restaurant before they leave. Just download our app on your tablet, log in to EasyCSAT and leave it in a visible place, so that your customer can answer the survey.

On average, each customer takes less than 10 seconds to answer the satisfaction survey, just tap the tablet screen and they'll have answered.

All the information you get will be available on your dashboard and you will be able to start improving your restaurant, earn more customers and more recommendations and as we said before, that's more money.

What information can you get with EasyCSAT?

The most important thing of all is to know if your customer is satisfied with your service in general, to know what “note” would put to his whole experience (from the moment he arrived until he left), that should be more important to you, when a person visits your business, he will not only evaluate the products you have, nor the quality. You will make an assessment of each and every aspect of your visit.

Taking a survey form of 5, 10 or 20 questions will only cause your visitor to leave without answering the questions, a quality survey seeks only one answer, is that customer satisfied?

In addition to that, with EasyCSAT you can enter more details and in addition to knowing if you are satisfied, you can ask for some more information in a very simple way, we recommend some of the following questions that you can show to leave your opinion:

How often do you have dinner with us?

Asking this question will give you an idea of what type of customer is answering questions: a new one, a rare visitor, or a frequent customer.

What did you like most about our food and services?

Asking customers to complete what they love most about your food and services will allow you to clearly understand which components of the restaurant experience work best and which improvements need to be made.

What did you not like about our food and services?

In the same way, asking your customers what they didn't like about your food and services will tell you directly about what doesn't work in your restaurant and what improvements need to be made.

How fast or adequate was the speed of service?

Nobody likes to wait an excessively long time for their food. In fact, the speed of service has a huge impact on customer retention rates and is a key factor for a customer to decide to return.

Having an idea of customers' feelings about the speed of service will allow you to understand if it is necessary to make changes to the speed at which their customers receive their food.

Was the selection of drinks enough?

Drinks are becoming an increasingly important part of a restaurant's income. It is vital that your restaurant offers a wide range of drinks to meet customers' demand and their needs.

The evaluation of your customers' thoughts about the drinks offered in your restaurant will allow you to make a more solid and informed decision about which new drinks to introduce into your establishment.

How would you rate the ability of our staff to meet your needs?

A well-trained team in your restaurant will result in greater customer satisfaction and ultimately help increase profits. Asking your customers the question about whether staff met their requirements will give you insight into how to modify and improve staff training.

Does the restaurant have a family atmosphere?

Keeping children satisfied is a big part of the experience of eating out of the family. If you meet the needs of families, ask them if they think you have a family environment.

Depending on the results of this question, you will know if you need to introduce more family-friendly features. Such features may include putting crayons and coloring books or electric gaming devices in the restaurant to keep the little ones in the house entertained.

How would you rate the cleanliness of the restaurant?

Cleaning, hygiene and sanitation are one of the most important components of the management of a catering company. You may think your place is clean, but does everyone think the same thing? Asking users for their opinions about cleaning your restaurant will let you know if improvements are required.

Cleaning is another key factor in any user's decision to return to a certain premises.

Would you recommend our restaurant to family or friends?

This question is vital, because knowing if your customers would recommend your restaurant to others, will give you an understanding of the overall attractiveness and popularity of your restaurant. If you get a negative answer to this question, you can work on how to increase restaurant perception for customers to recommend.

Encouraging customers to complete surveys about their restaurant experience is a vital marketing tactic to help improve the quality, attractiveness and profits of your dining establishment.

With EasyCSAT you can get this information in real time, our Tablet Surveys APP is designed (and designed) so you can get the most answers effortlessly and without your user leaving the survey and leaving.

Also, a member of the support team can help you with setup and support, you don't have to worry about anything, and since we're so sure you'll get the best results, we invite you to try it for 15 days completely free.

easyCSAT is everything you need to know the satisfaction of your customers

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