Satisfaction Surveys for Rent a Cars

Renting the right car is extremely important, as the customer is looking for one adapted to their needs, age and lifestyle. Your job is to show that your rent a car has just what you want and, in addition, you can receive it with the best attention and comfort possible.

Knowing what your customer liked and didn't, has a great deal of weight when it comes to knowing how to improve your establishment. Thanks to satisfaction surveys you will always be a few steps ahead of failure, improving each time for each new customer who requests your services.

Keep in mind that your customer will almost always arrive knowing what they want, as they have already done their research before. However, you should be willing to show him new ideas so that he knows that you've been listening to him and know his interests.

What should a satisfaction survey focus for rent a cars?

Renting a car involves a lot of questions. The first batch of these, whether you make them at the time of the visit or online, must collect enough information about what the user is looking for.

“Looking for a family or sports model?” , “Between ranks, how much is your budget?” , “Looking for a big or small car?” and others. These questions will allow you and your staff to establish an intimate relationship with the customer that they are pleased with and renting the car is not seen as a mere expense.

Satisfaction surveys should focus on what your customer has perceived about your business: the attention with which they have been served, the staff who guide them during their visit, what is the quality of your services (or vehicles), and, above all, whether they would recommend the place or go again at another time.

When you survey your customers make sure you ask the right questions so that, at the end of the day, you have clear, straightforward information about what works or doesn't in your business. This will allow you to set levels and work from true testimonials linked to your business.

How should you structure your survey?

It does not matter if the model you have is not the final one and you change it from time to time, what does matter is that in each application you get the necessary information about how your car rental works.

How should you structure it? Below we tell you:

  • It should be brief and objective: be sure to ask clear questions that are easy to answer. A question that requires extensive development can scare away the customer, as it compromises their time.
  • Try a draft first: The first model you create should not be the one immediately put into practice. It's a good idea to create a pilot test that passes through your team members first, so you'll discover any failures in the survey and correct the confusing sentences.
  • Give context: your customers need to know what you're offering, tell them through a short sentence with which you can get feedback.
  • Also ensure consistency between the scales of your survey.

Modern alternatives for applying a survey

We know how hard it is to keep all your customers satisfied, but satisfaction surveys will always be willing to contribute to your purposes of delivering the best experience.

And speaking of a good experience, the survey should also be. Delivering a paper and a pen has already gone out of fashion. Also, this option may result in people not wanting to answer the survey or, once they resolve it, forget to hand over the sheet.

In the case of vehicle rentals, the right time to conduct the survey is when the customer experience is complete, that is, the day you deliver the car.

Don't hand over a piece of paper. Rather, deliver something that looks stylish and eye-catching, something that represents the importance of your business. Imagine this, while the box office fills in the delivery details and checks that everything is in order, the customer can complete the survey without problems.

Tablet surveys for rent a cars are an innovative and cutting-edge option that allows customers to interact quickly and dynamically. In addition, every drive and response you provide will let you know that you are heard and that your time is highly important to the establishment.

Tablets can hold them in your hands and they will definitely not forget to answer them or keep the answers. But, in addition to the Tablet, you need to have a platform that makes it easy to do the survey.

Survey apps make the survey filling process much easier. For example, EasyCSAT allows you to conduct surveys anywhere before customers leave your establishment.

It's easy to use: just download the app on your tablet or mobile device and set up the questions so that all your customers know. The faces with which the service can be qualified are a great stimulus for the respondent.

There is also Google Forms, a Google application with which you can schedule your survey, its questions and the topics that make it up. Its interface is simple and practical, so your customers will be happy to answer every question.

Survey apps are always very helpful to your business, because, as we said before, they allow users to see in real time how their opinion is integrated with others and contribute positively to your company.

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