Satisfaction surveys for Pharmacies

For a customer who puts his health in the hands of people who will advise him the best regarding his medications, it is important to check that everything is under control and constantly improving.

A pharmacy should collect as much information as possible to improve the service and products they provide to the customer. And, when we talk about improving, it is in all respects: from suppliers, staff and master every area of the pharmaceutical industry.

Next, in this article we will talk about the importance of conducting satisfaction surveys in your pharmacy and the possibilities you have to know the opinion of your customers.

For which purpose do you prepare a satisfaction survey for your pharmacy?

There are many reasons, but if you still don't believe in the potential of these apps, we show them here below:

  • You evaluate in depth the customer service provided by employees and managers through the feedback of your customers. You will be able to know if the treatment given is correct, if their doubts are resolved or even if they show dominance in the issue of medicines.
  • Thanks to the resolution of surveys you will be able to know in detail which products or services work and which do not work in your pharmacy, therefore you will know if any need to be removed or added. For example: the availability of medicines, health knowledge, advice to improve a patient's health, delivery services, consulting, or technical service provided to people.
  • Customer feedback will always be sincere. That way, you will be able to know their needs thoroughly and you will know if you need to expand your stock, improve care, know the level of knowledge of pharmacists, or simply general information about health, so they won't have to go looking for other pharmacies, but they will be loyal to yours at all times.
  • Asking information about your employees and pharmacists will let you know if they are trained enough and willing to carry out the tasks assigned to them. You will be able to determine if they require further training or in which aspects to improve their customer service.
  • Some pharmacies have a website that allows customers to shop online. Also, it is perfectly valid to make an evaluation from that medium to know how well the interface, service, practicality, design and accessibility is received.

Means by which you can apply your satisfaction survey

Satisfaction surveys should be applied once the user has finished receiving all the products or services from the pharmacy. Of course, as long as the survey does not represent an invasion of your time or an abrupt interruption.

In addition to traditional methods, there are other ways to conduct surveys that allow you to collect data elegantly and professionally. Read on and you'll find out which ones

App Surveys on Tablets

Surveys apps on tablets for pharmacies or smartphones allow you to offer the user a new, modern option. Answering each question will take less than 20 seconds of your time while waiting for your bill and your items are bagged.

In case you decide to conduct your survey using this means, you need to have an intuitive app and a lightweight interface that helps customers solve everything quickly and simply without your customer wasting time with complicated questions.

With the EasyCSAT app you can show your survey quickly and easily so you can locate your device (tablet or smartphone) at any strategic point in your pharmacy, perform the survey easily and start receiving feedback immediately.

Email Surveys

It is very difficult for you to get the email address of a customer who comes for a medicine or for some special service and then leaves, using this means to know the satisfaction of your customers can generate the opposite effect that you are looking for.

On the one hand, the customer may think that the pharmacy only wants to send him advertising or any other information that is not relevant to him, on the other hand you may only receive answers from those customers who have had a bad experience in your pharmacy or with one of the pharmacists.

This will certainly generate invaluable information to improve any aspect of your pharmacy and you will not be able to know if your products or services effectively meet your customers' expectations.

Surveys on websites

This is a highly effective way to get valuable feedback and feedback from your customers. A pharmacy with a web portal can fix the survey link at the start or end of the online shopping process.

What really happens with this method of getting feedback from your customers is that the online buyer has visited your website to make a purchase, any other management (such as answering a survey) will simply ignore it.

What is the best way to conduct a pharmacy satisfaction survey?

I'm sure you're wondering, what is the best way for no customer to refuse to answer your survey?

  • An application (or app) that the customer can respond intuitively and doesn't feel obliged to answer, in this way you will get better results and much more feedback than with other methods or applications to measure customer satisfaction.
  • We recommend that you conduct direct and short surveys. You can include one or two multiple-choice questions, or that require description to get more details about the service.
  • Make the necessary improvements thanks to our app, that way customers will see that their comments were heard, give them the news when you already do. They will feel effectively listened/read.

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