Hotel Satisfaction Surveys

The economic stability of a people, an island, a city or even a country can easily depend on the prosperity and stability of its hotels. The management of a hotel and the success it may have come from things as simple as the satisfactorily positive opinion of its visitors.

So the question that arises is this: how do you successfully communicate with customers if you will not be with them during their stay, and do not question them after check-out? The answer to this question is as follows: surveys.

The hotel survey apps help you understand your guests, what they like, what they hate, and how you can improve your products or services to overcome the competition.

Designing a good survey will help you improve guest service, and consequently hotel income, and keep your guests aware that you think about them.

Not only this, over the years, surveys are meant to win a customer's loyalty and loyalty, and when you realize that you have enjoyed their visits for 10 years! In this sense, the best result is feedback with your visitors and their satisfaction.

To tell you the truth, everything that concerns a hotel or hostel requires public opinion prior to its opening. For this reason, there are surveys for their construction, and another type also: satisfaction surveys.

The latter are the most useful for the hotel, as they help the administration to know the opinions of the users regarding the services received by the hotel, the products included in the reservation and the services that the guest has received on the premises. In these rooms, guests can comment on the quality of the spaces (restaurants, rooms and recreation areas) and on the quality and efficiency of the hotel's services.

What is the best way customers can rate the hotel?

It is best not to make things too complicated for the guest, ask specific questions and schedule your own rating scale. That way, the opinion will be concise.

Ask about your facilities, your employees, what food you serve, cleaning and, if any, room service. And let the opinions go from “Very Satisfied”, “Normal” to “Nothing Satisfied”.

Of course, you can give it the personal touch you want, the important thing is that you always get the full and sincere opinion of your customer's experience. That way, you will ensure that your hotel is recommended to other people.

Hotel surveys: do they help or not?

A hotel satisfaction survey is a practical measure when it comes to interacting with your customers. And, like everything, it has its advantages and disadvantages, which you know nothing else:

Surveys and technology

Technology helps not only a limited group of people, but also establishments such as restaurants, shops, institutions and hotels. With the help of a good app or using other resources, interpreting survey results can be easier and easier.

For example, hotel tablet surveys will help you understand exactly what your customers think. Suppose your customer hasn't left their email to send them your survey after they leave, then thanks to the tablet survey app they can answer it right before they leave without having to spend a lot of time answering questions.

It is very new and innovative, and it makes you fully look like a professional, giving you easy access to your attentions and the practicality of commenting on your experience in real time and without complications.

With the help of a tablet, the EasyCSAT app allows you to know your customer's opinion and experience, without a doubt through the questions you include in the app, they will be able to convey a clear vision of your strengths and weaknesses and, without a doubt, you could exceed your expectations on your next visit.

So, is it important to offer satisfaction surveys?

After reading this information, you know that it is important to have this tool, but if you still doubt it, ask any leader of a company what led him to the top and he will answer you 100% sure that the customer's opinion was.

Customer feedback will not only tell you if you need to improve a particular service, but also ensure that you will be recommended to the public and always in a positive way. Similarly, a survey is never untimely, you do not run after the customer to know their opinion, just board it at the time of withdrawal, without further pressure.

What else can we tell you about satisfaction surveys for hotels you don't already know? The best thing you can do is trust them and the success they can give you.

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