Satisfaction Surveys for Hairdressers

The hairdresser and the intimate space it represents are the order of the day to call more and more customers. We know, from experience, that hairdressers are a meeting place for the women of the world.

It is natural that a clientele who visits a hairdresser, beauty or beauty center up to 2 or 3 times a month, establish with the staff an intimate and pleasant relationship of trust. However, for those hairdressers and beauty salons that are just starting their activity, it is important to carry out such a relationship as soon as possible and resolve any failure immediately to be able to gain loyalty and gain more customers.

The hairdressing satisfaction survey app represents a tool that is growing today more than ever. They allow you to know the situation of your shop and what customers think about your service or the products they can get in your salon.

Today, businesses consider that measuring customer satisfaction is an indispensable part of the advancement of any business. However, since each hairdresser has its own personality, it is not possible to have a universal model survey and it will depend on the products or services you offer in your establishment.

Advantages and disadvantages of conducting a satisfaction survey in your hairdresser

Like everything, conducting a survey of satisfaction has its pros and cons. Here are the advantages and disadvantages you can get from your customer satisfaction measure:

How can you know the satisfaction of your customers?

There are hundreds of formats in which you can submit your survey, what matters is that your customer responds to it in the best possible way, quickly and with clear answers.

You can submit your survey in three formats:


Solving an email survey allows your customer to answer every question from the comfort of their home. That way, their testimonies will be more accurate, being of great help, but you have to keep in mind that the number of answers you will receive is low. You may only receive a response from 1 customer for every 10 surveys submitted.


Even if it is a bit out of fashion, it is never necessary to submit a questionnaire before the client leaves the premises with two or three simple and direct questions that encompass or generalize what you want to know about your hairdresser through your clientele. In the world we live in, your customers don't have much time to spend reading and answering the survey you just gave them.

Survey app

It would be ideal to conduct a survey through an app on a tablet that allows you to interact with your clientele and show them the benefits, products or services offered by your hairdresser, ensuring that customers share their opinion.

Tablet surveys expand the demonstration fields for customers while allowing customers to express their opinions and wishes to change something that your beauty salon needs to improve for them.

They are dynamic and colorful, even these surveys can drive new customer engagement.

How to conduct a satisfaction survey for hairdressing?

With our survey app for hairdressers and beauty centers, you can have your customer respond to a survey without even asking for it. Just show the survey on your tablet while your customer is paying for the service they just received.

It is the best time for the customer to express their opinion about the product or service you offer in your business.

  • Avoid confusing and rumbling questions.
  • Don't ask more than four questions.
  • Choose closed and open questions to give the respondent the opportunity to show their opinions.
  • Ask without ado issues about prices, attention, and customer satisfaction.

Once you get the results of the surveys, worry about improving each of the aspects that were mentioned.

Devices and apps to know your customer satisfaction

Tablet surveys for hairdressers give you the opportunity to streamline the processes of responding to surveys in a dynamic and modern way, while you can know your customers' feedback in real time.

Survey apps are available in the right order and structure, so that through this device the answers are then reflected in graphs that you can see and immediately know that it may be failing in your business.

The important thing is that you have a stable and practical application that will make the resolution of the survey a pleasant experience for your customer.

Remember that with EasyCSAT you only have to install the app on your tablet, this platform has a kiosk function that allows you to place your device in a strategic place in your premises and start to know your customers' opinion about your hairdresser, beauty salon or beauty center.

easyCSAT is everything you need to know the satisfaction of your customers

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