Satisfaction Surveys for Dealers

Buying a car, for many, is almost as important as buying a house or an apartment. Being in charge of or owning a car dealer requires a great deal of responsibility for the success of the establishment.

Buying the right car depends not only on the independent investigation of the buyer, it also depends on good service, listening carefully and showing that their needs are heard.

It's not just about showing that your dealer has everything a customer can look for, but also about providing the best service and, in the end, getting an assessment about it.

For that, there are customer satisfaction surveys, thanks to which you will be able to know what you have done right and what you have done wrong during your sale. That way, for future occasions and sales, you can improve and build deeper relationships with them.

In this article we will discuss in detail how important it is for your dealer to have a satisfaction survey and the possibilities it can offer for you.

Why do you conduct a satisfaction survey at a dealer?

All companies aim at the satisfaction of their customers. Keeping a customer happy means sales and loyalty to the business. Sales means money and money means staying longer in the market.

Sometimes, you'll probably need the outside look to know what's going well and what's not in your dealer. This is precisely how satisfaction surveys exist.

A person looking to buy a car is sure to have traveled much more places before. The good treatment you receive and the good presentation your establishment has will make a definite difference.

Based on the price, brand, value, general specifications and benefits offered by a car is what makes a person decide to buy it. However, the seller's deal and how well he shows to be prepared can be the final push to achieve the purchase.

As manager of the success of the dealer, you must ensure that the sectors where you are not present work perfectly. That is, every member of your staff should be excellent as well as the facade where customers and employees will move.

To please everyone is almost impossible, however, through these surveys you will manage to meet the expectations of your customers and increase sales.

In what format could you submit your survey?

The best time to conduct a satisfaction survey is after you have completed all the necessary services and close the sale. However, even if the customer has not bought anything, it should also be considered appropriate to know why they did not.

Either way, there are various ways in which you can distribute a survey, only there are currently some outdated formats.

Here are the two ways in which you could distribute your survey:

  • Printed:hand over a piece of paper to be filled may be a little old-fashioned. In addition, you run the risk that the customer will accidentally take the sheet and you will be devoid of the results.
  • Digital:certainly, this is the most modern method and can be applied through social networks or other channels of the brand. However, it is best to interact with the user. This is possible thanks to the available dealer tablet surveys and their innovative look.

On this occasion, we will focus on talking about digital surveys on tablets and the great possibilities they can offer you.

Digital surveys

When conducting a digital survey, you should ensure, as far as possible, that your customer knows the services you offer. Let them know where their answers will go after completing the survey and how important their opinion is for the company.

The perfect time when you can submit your survey is when the customer has just finished their purchase and is about to withdraw from the premises. While your staff is processing their purchase or packing their products, they can be delivered to them with the survey and have them begin to fill it out.

Be sure to ask specific, not generic questions about the business. Above all, respect the respondent's time and give him a pleasant treatment at all times without being invasive.

Dealer tablet surveys are usually fairly simple to solve, and usually no customer refuses to solve it. It is very dynamic and attractive when it comes to delivering them, especially if you also have an application that makes it easier to work.

Ideal platforms for conducting your digital surveys

There are multiple platforms you can have if you decide to survey those who turn to your dealer. Some of the best apps for surveys are Google Forms, a Google app where you can intelligently organize your questions and add an eye-catching theme to them.

Google Forms gives you the greatest advantage of being used while using other Google tools and reviewing other aspects of your establishment.

Also, EasyCSAT (like Google Forms) allows you to customize and create your own survey so that it is convenient for your respondents to respond. It's just a question of selecting one face and seeing how its perception coincides or not with others.

On the other hand, Net Promoter Score is much more direct and reduces the chances of feedback a little more. In this case, it's just a question “Would you recommend the place?” , the success of the venue and what might or might not be improved from it will depend on that response.

easyCSAT is everything you need to know the satisfaction of your customers

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