Satisfaction surveys for banks and financial institutions

It is not just about money when we talk about the security we should feel when choosing a bank.

Recommendations from different types of customers come and go daily, however, all customers do not go through the same experiences, because not all people have the same intentions when they enter a bank.

Deposits, withdrawals, transactions, product purchases, credits, cards, loans and a long list of other formalities that deal with money, but ultimately depend on how fluent the bank staff make decisions.

People keep their money in banks, that money means for them their future, their investment, their best savings and the reason why customers should feel comfortable and very confident.

That window in front of which long lines are made every day, has as its protagonist a face, an attitude, and/or a style. That cashier is responsible for giving customers the security and confidence that their paperwork and money are safe.

Bank satisfaction surveys give you the opportunity to measure how happy the banking community is with your services or if there is something to improve. Listening to customers is ensuring banking success.

What to take into account when polling?

Every customer who visits a bank and seeks to protect their interests is a person who not only has different interests, but also different attitudes and a portfolio of money with zeros on the right that make it a potential investment.

Think very well about the best way to approach them and encourage them to answer some questions about quality or service. Using a good strategy and arriving at the right time can provide an overflow of their opinions about your bank. In any case, you must remain with an open mind in the face of any negative response.

The habits of young people are usually not the same as that of older people, in this sense, it takes into account which question is appropriate for each situation and for each client.

He studies, apart from their ages, how quickly they enter the bank, their gender and their interests. A satisfaction survey should be focused, above all, on the most popular areas across the bank: customer service windows and offices.

It is these parts where interaction with staff occurs most and that is where you need to ensure that there is a better relationship and, consequently, they can recommend and go back to your bank.

When you think about structuring the questions to know the satisfaction in your bank, structure it with questions related to the presence of the establishment, the treatment offered by the staff and the security provided by the institution. It is also important to know if they would come again.

When is it appropriate to apply the survey?

The best time to apply a satisfaction survey in your bank is when the user has already received all the services and has been attended by staff or a group of people. It is in the end that you can give a certain observation about your experience and the service you have received.

The opinion of young people, even if they use the ATM more, will do much to tell you what to fix in the operation of your bank. These are much more critical of the places where they keep their money.

You have two options: apply it when the user is about to retire, at the bank door or just before removing from the window.

Where to apply customer service surveys?

The ease of technology today allows users to expand their capabilities to interact with the bank, thereby increasing the support capacity that this bank provides to its customers.

It's amazing how bank tablet surveys make everything more fun, simple and effective, and help significantly get more and more customer responses.

There is a very good acceptance of tablet surveys as they are a quick and easy mechanism to use and respond.

It might be an option to give you a tablet to comfortably answer a short survey. The waiting time for him will be shortened, at the same time he will be corresponding to a service for his own benefit.

Tablet surveys for banks are easy to manipulate, so there will be no major complications, the results will improve 100% the operation of the bank and the trust the customer places in the entity.

the EasyCSAT Bank Tablet Survey App allows you to effectively measure all interaction with your customers, increasing feedback received and detecting areas of improvement that will further increase their satisfaction

The graphs are very helpful and our Survey App takes care of showing them very colorful and wide, in order to solve the problem of organizing the answers later.

So it is time not only to conduct a survey that will shoot your bank to success, but also to modernize your system for better results.

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