The first thing you should know about easyCSAT

When we say that we want you to know the opinion of your clients and that you can improve your services, it's because easyCSAT works! and with our App you can know all the opinions of your customers.

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You do not have to waste your time looking for a solution that suits your needs.


With more satisfaction surveys answered, you have more information to make improvement plans.

Cost reduction

Our service allows you to reduce costs in customer satisfaction research..


You can have easyCSAT in operation very fast and without technical knowledge..

Without limits

In easyCSAT there are no limits of responses from satisfaction surveys, all plans are unlimited answers.


All information is secure in easyCSAT, since all our pages use HTTPS protocol and high level encryption.

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Configure and receive alerts directly in your email and in real time. You can instantly know the valuation that your client has given and take immediate actions.

The alerts are sent in real time, as soon as your client presses on the option that you have configured, you will receive an email immediately.

Technical knowledge

Do not have technical or computer skills? Do not worry, you do not need them. We have designed the App and all our systems with the intention that anyone can use and configure easyCSAT in minutes.

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Support and help

Do you have doubts about how to configure the App? Do you need help with the configuration? Do not worry, you can write to us whenever you want and we will help you with any questions you may have.

Comments in the surveys

It is essential to know the opinion of the client, but it is also essential to know what they think and that they can say it in their own words, tell you what you can improve or congratulate your team.

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Friendly Dashboard

Our dashboard is designed so that with a simple look, you can know the state of the satisfaction of the clients, without having to search in different pages, if the information is power, we have put all the power in a single page.

You can try it

The commitment is really ours, to give you the best service and the best tools to know the satisfaction of your clients, that's why we want you to try easyCSAT for a free period of 30 days.

Without credit cards, without commitment and with all the easyCSAT functionalities, you can change plans, cancel or pay for the subscription, whenever you want!.