Frequently Asked Questions

In this space you can review all our frequently asked questions and their answers, any other questions you may have, you can do it in the contact area or by chat.

All our services have a free 30-day trial period.

Totally! It is very simple, there is no way that we can charge the service while you do not provide us your bank details or credit card, so for 30 days, we do not ask for any banking information.

When the test finishes, you will not be able to access your Dashboard, you will be directed to your profile, there you will find the payment options.

Of course, at any time you can subscribe to our services. In your profile, you'll see a button that says "make payment."

The service will continue to function completely and there is no interruption or loss of information for 7 days, after these 7 days, the service will be paralyzed for 7 more days, after that period, your service is canceled and completely eliminated, you will be notified in each of the state changes.

Yes, we have already taken care of this, we have designed our services with the intention that technical knowledge and programming are not necessary, in many cases, it is enough to "copy and paste".

No, you can cancel whenever you want.

Credit, debit and PayPal accounts.

Of course, during your trial period, you can change how many times you want and look for the one that fits your company, once you have a payment plan, you can also make any number of changes in service as long as you contact our area of support.

Let's see, we want you to receive answers to your satisfaction surveys and that you can measure the results, this can only be achieved by receiving answers, we will not be the ones who put limits on what your customers say.

Totally! You will see that in all our pages the address starts with https: // that means that the information is encrypted from the source (your computer or the client's) to our servers. Additionally, the servers have security mechanisms to avoid any incident related to the information

For now the Survey App is available only for Android devices. everything else: easyCSAT works on any device, answers, settings, dashboard, alerts, etc. are made to fit the size of any device.

Yes, you can review our plans, there is the option to add comments when answering the survey.

Fortunately ... is not possible! The easyCSAT system will identify the survey that the client tries to answer and if it has been answered, you will receive a message indicating that you have already answered the survey.

You can contact our support team, they have the challenge to answer any questions in less than 10 minutes, you can test them right now in the chat window that you will find on the bottom right.

Yes, contact our support department, they will activate an option so you can do it.

You can customize your logo and the colors of the survey, but for now you can not change the icons in the control panel, but if you want to put an icon that you have designed and that is not registered, our support team can do it for you.