A survey app that works

With easyCSAT you will begin to receive more reviews from your customers, increase loyalty and have all the information you need to improve your product or service.

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Create a wonderful survey

Create and manage your surveys quickly and easily using our intuitive web platform. You have 10 different types of questions at your disposal so you can get the information you need.

Show the survey

Download the easyCSAT App on your Android phone or tablet, sign in with your account or with any other account you have created in our control panel and your survey will be available to be answered by your customers.

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Get alerts instantly

Set up and receive alerts directly in your email and in real time. You will instantly know the feedback your customer has given, so you can take immediate action.

Create question flows

Design in minutes different types of questions and flows oriented to your needs and information you want to obtain from your customers depending on their answers.

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You don't need technical knowledge

Don't have technical or computer skills? Don't worry, you don't need them. Our entire system is designed intuitively so that anyone can use and configure easyCSAT in minutes.

Survey campaigns

Different locations, areas, or moments require different questions. With easyCSAT you can create different campaigns and thus show different surveys according to your needs.

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Support and help

Do you have questions about how to set up? Do you need any different functionality? we are here to help you and adapt to your needs. You can write to us whenever you want and we will help you with any questions or needs you may have.

Get feedback, email and phone numbers from your customers

If you wish, you can use easyCSAT to ask (optionally and voluntarily) for comments from your customers, use it as a guest book or request an email address or phone, and with this information you can communicate with them.

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Multi-language surveys

You can also show your survey in different languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. Simply create your survey in Spanish and our system will translate it instantly when the customer selects the desired language on the device.

Report whenever and wherever you want

Our reporting and monitoring system is designed so that you can know at a glance the status of your customers' satisfaction, without having to search different pages. View and download reports from anywhere, anytime.

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easyCSAT is everything you need to know the satisfaction of your customers

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