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Tablet Satisfaction Surveys App

In your restaurant, in your shop, in your hotel or wherever you want. With our App your customers will be able to answer your satisfaction survey effortlessly and you will be able to discover what matters most to your customers.


All control in one place

  • Get alerts on your mobile in real time.
  • Monitor if your devices are showing the survey.
  • See the individual statistics for each device.

No need for technical knowledge

  • Add your own corporate image.
  • Create different types of questions.
  • Create question flows based on the answer given by the customer.

Everything you need to know the satisfaction

  • Receive monthly reports directly in your email.
  • Download and check the information you need at any time.
  • Connect with popular applications (Excel, PDF, PowerBI).

Create different survey campaigns

  • Different campaigns for different times.
  • Measure satisfaction in different areas at once.
  • Detects areas of improvement at different times.
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Satisfaction Surveys on Tablets

Knowing your customer's opinion, experience, and feedback about your products or services is important, but interpreting the results is critical. It is very difficult to please all your customers and have everyone satisfied at any time, but it is harder even if you can't know their needs and opinions and then improve the products and services.

Why use surveys with tablets?

You don't have to be an expert in CSAT, customer satisfaction or customer experience, but at some point you want to know what your customer thinks about your business, products or services, if you have a restaurant you would like to know if customers are happy with your main course or if your hotel customers are really happy with your service, that information allows you to give your customers a better experience.

You can't take a survey and ask the customer if they have been well served or if they are satisfied with the company. Depending on the type of business you have, you may not be able to get the email address to send him a satisfaction survey.

But this doesn't have to be the case in your business, with EasyCSAT you can do customer satisfaction surveys anywhere and before they leave your company. Simply download our app to a tablet or mobile device, set up the survey and each of the questions that best suit your industry, and leave it in a visible place for all your customers to see and answer questions.

It's something new and people like new things, so that customer will not resist answering the questions of your satisfaction survey, in addition to this, the “faces” to value the service they will see on the Tablet, are made with colors that will attract your customer's attention, this allows you to get more information about the experience of your customers.

Allow your customers to value your company, product or service completely in real time and without complicated setups, so you can deal with what really matters: Give better service, better satisfaction, and get your customers back to your business again and again.

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