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Get more opinions from your customers and improve your service instantly. Without complicated configurations and without paying large amounts of money.

Your customers will be able to respond by making a tap

In your restaurant, in your store, in your hotel or wherever you want. With our App your clients will be able to answer your satisfaction survey effortlessly and you will be able to discover what matters most to your clients.

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Why use surveys with tablets?

Sometimes, we do not have the email address of our client, so sending a satisfaction survey by mail becomes a really difficult task.

Even if you manage to get your client's email address, only 14% will respond to a poll by mail.

That changed! With easyCSAT you can make customer satisfaction surveys of your restaurant, hotel or store, before they leave. You just have to download our App on your Tablet, log in to easyCSAT and leave it in a visible place, so that your client can answer the survey.

You will begin to receive opinions from your clients immediately, they will see it as something innovative and will not hesitate to answer the satisfaction survey.

easyCSAT is ideal for:

  • Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Supermarkets
  • SMEs
  • Any business

Multiply by 4 the answers to your satisfaction surveys and improve your service instantly.

Why easyCSAT?


You do not have to waste your time looking for a solution that suits your needs.


With more satisfaction surveys answered, you have more information to make improvement plans.

Cost reduction

Our service allows you to reduce costs in customer satisfaction research..


You can have easyCSAT in operation very fast and without technical knowledge..

Without limits

In easyCSAT there are no limits of responses from satisfaction surveys, all plans are unlimited answers.


All information is secure in easyCSAT, since all our pages use HTTPS protocol and high level encryption.